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Moms Who Pray
Together, Slay Together

Ready to get unstuck, realigned, and tap into The Power of Moms Who Pray Together, Slay Together Prayer Call so that you can walk in confidence in Christ?

It's time to activate your FAITH and PRAYER and UNMASK your true self in order to learn your worth so that you can really be confident in who you are as a woman and show up and show out through Christ for YOU, your family, and for your business/work.

As a Christian Mom (that make mistakes and who is not perfect: yeah I sin), God laid it on my heart to do a prayer call with Moms. I had been making excuses, running from it, avoiding it, and much more (don't judge me!). God gave me an assignment of transparency and living my life out-loud and not being afraid to share my struggles because I used to struggle with blaming myself, embarrassment and I felt I would be judged….But I don’t care anymore…..I’m free in Christ.

I had to stop running, hiding, and walk in this call to serve Moms in this new, amazing capacity.

As a recovering, overwhelmed, and once lacked confidence woman, I know all about the struggle of feeling disconnected, alone, masking my feelings and not knowing where to turn because you think you are going to be judged for asking for help, for seeking out prayer and even connecting to a circle of supportive, Christian women. You are an outside-the-box-type of mom and being a part of support group where you felt like you didn't fit it in, may not have worked in the past. I also know how you can easily disconnect from yourself and not take the time to look inward because you get too busy taking care of pressing issues with my family, motherhood, and/or work. It's nearly impossible to carry all this weight alone.

You think asking for help is weak and seeking out prayer or connecting with a circle of supportive, Christian women will be harsh and judgey. Not anymore! Let's move bold in Christ and walk in his purpose.

God said in his word to cast our worries, burdens, anxieties, and cares upon him, so let's put our intentional prayers and testify in overdrive without feeling guilty.

My FREE prayer calls includes:

  • Weekly Devotion
  • Scripture/s
  • Prayer Journal
  • Testimony upon requests

The Benefits of Moms Praying Together:

  • Helps you gain clarity of who you are (You become free in Christ) and what you are doing for inward self-reflection so that you can be a better mother and person in general
  • It reduces the sense of loneliness that we can sometimes experience as Mom (you literally do not have to do it alone)
  • Helps you relate to what another mom may be feeling (it normalizes shared experiences)
  • Gives you a starting point to stay consistent and aligning your mind, body, and soul so that you can operate at a better version of You for your family in (kids/spouse) and community
  • Clearly defines your agenda/ your path so you can easily get back on track if you fall off
  • Helps you to identify and realign with what's priority and what can wait
  • Sharing your story removes fear and it creates a sense of courage
  • Sharing your story provides a sense of transparency
  • Your Unique story can help someone else heal
  • Lastly, bonds are built amongst each other where mutual support and resources will be shared and we all share a common unique bond

Stop doubting yourself, stop questionning your worth so you can reconnect to YOU and start being intentional through Christ. This will allow you to be your best selves individually first, then as a mother, as a businesswoman, a spouse, a stay-at-home mom, and etc. which will help you to be productive in motherhood, family, and work. You will then notice a increase in your confidence. Let's get Unstuck!

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